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Evaluation and understanding the needs of the business or business process, its tactical strategic direction, and identification of initiatives and processes which drive function to achieve those goals. This includes:

  • Developing business cases
  • Requirements definition planning and management
  • Architectural analysis
  • Business process analysis
  • Structural analysis
  • Data storage analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Implementation validation
Focused primarily on analyzing unstructured social media text to extract sentiment, entity relationships and pattern discovery for predictions. Also work with:

  • developing algorithms for mining data in databases
  • statistical analysis
  • recommendation engines
  • image recognition
Software design and development of distributed systems for intra and internet capable systems. Have developed self-managing and self-monitoring infrastructures to execute distrubuted software components with the ability to dynamically apply behaviors and SLAs across the distributed components. Also have desiged and built standard SAAS and Enterprise systems in static and virtualized resource environments.
Exceptional talents in the management, architecture, design, construction and delivery of large and small software systems, using proven methodologies. Consistently define the best application of products, technologies and business practices, for large and small clients.

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