Project Portfolio Past and Ongoing Work

NBC Universal

Recommendation Engine

Developed custom video recommendation engine for web site tracking user video views for similarity metrics based on current users and cumulative user behavior. Corresponding web services and supporting Oracle/JDBC backend was implemented.


Atrium and Totem

Web App/Services Development, Data Analytics

Successfully turned a failed software development project into a cornerstone production software system used to service the lifecycle of $70M worth real estate tax liens. Currently building a data warehouse for liens, property and tax authority information. Building collection of automated tools to populate the warehouse with data from distributed sources. Leading and participating in the design, development and management of data analytics, web services and websites to access and manage the data. Also employed as VP of Technology at Atrium Capital Market Group.


County of Santa Clara, California

Business and Systems Analysis, Dev/Ops, Rearchitecting, Database Design, Data Migration

Business analysis, user experience and testing, project leadership for the county's Tax Collection and Apportionment Systems. New architecure development for all hardware and software systems. Dev/Ops tools and process definitions and guidance.