About This Is Who We Are

Welcome to 'Nebarti'

Inspired by constantly new technology coming into existence, we aspire to always produce creative and elegant solutions to difficult problems. We either paint the technological green-field landscape with inspired solutions or take ownership of existing projects and help forge the path of a vision to an implemented intellectual masterpiece.

Kevin Hartig Principal

Kevin currently directs and constructs projects using new software technologies and methodologies to demonstrate the feasibility of new concepts in real business applications and then helps drive the concepts to production.

Currently performing Distributed Computing Infrastructure, Data Analytics Software and Complex Algorithm design, development and consulting. Kevin has developed recommendations systems, image recognition systems and distributed computing systems for data analytics.

Josephine Race Partner

Josephine is a business partner defining corporate direction and business development. She currently contracts as a Business Analyst defining and developing Tax Collection and Apportionment Systems. She has also run her own company performing Internet development and communications services.

She is a registered private equity and finance consultant accepting inquiries from independent oil and gas and alternative energy companies, investors, industry/JV partners.

Previous to that, she was a Registered Representative and Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley, specializing in corporate planning.

Also she participated as Board member, committee chair and VP providing marketing & communications services for Peak Venture Group networking organization supporting start-up and middle-market entrepreneurs.